Why Is Video Conferencing Superior To Audio Conferencing?

The adage, “A picture is a worth a thousand words” means that one photograph can convey numerous ideas. If that adage is true, then imagine what would be possible through video conferencing. It is not as old as teleconferencing. The biggest distinction between audio and video conferencing solutions is in the platform and equipment utilized to communicate.

A face-to-face meeting is the best way to communicate, but when it cannot be conducted, the next best option is to rely on a video conferencing system. Here are some reasons to choose it in place of an audio conferencing system.

It Is More Effective Than Teleconferencing

The parties involved in an audio conference call will only be able to hear the sounds of one another. Some teleconferencing systems transfer data through VoIP, and this needs less bandwidth than video conferencing. Then again, video conferencing transmits audio and visual data simultaneously with no external support. When doing a presentation to your client, visuals and audio can be transmitted at the time in which the event takes place. Real-time communication is more effective.

It Is More Interactive

Just audio communication is possible through a teleconferencing system, so people must make do with many limitations. For instance, it is not possible to look at the other party’s expressions and read their body language in teleconferencing. In business interaction, in-person conferences have much significance when it comes to discussing marketing matters, monetary policies, and other business matters.

Video conferencing facilitates conducting every discussion more quickly. Real-time audio visual communication is the best option for the aforesaid business situations. If you need it, contact a vendor that provides the equipment and installation for video conferencing, like Handsome Group audio visual solutions to name one.

It Is Better For The Exchange Of Details

Sharing information is among the biggest concerns in video conferencing. It is possible to share just concepts regarding some aspects when in an audio conference call. On the other hand, video conferencing has endless possibilities in regards to the real-time sharing of knowledge. You will have a live conference with someone else, so it is possible to share documents, programs, visuals or your screen with that other party. A webinar or live chat meeting makes things more interactive, and in it, the potential for productive debates is more.

Even so, not everything can be best shared through video. Some things are better shared as text, which is also possible through video conferencing software.

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