The Ultimate Guide to Knowing How to Wash your Jeans

Clothing Manufacturers

Finding the perfect pair of jeans from a clothing store often feels like an achievement for most of us as they are pricey investments. The most important thing after finding a great pair of jeans is to keep them look and fit great for a long time. Knowing how to take care of your jeans properly is the key to getting years of wear out of them. Most jeans that are available in the market are made from pre-washed denim which makes it easier for everyone to care for it and to retain the original shape of the jeans. It also makes them less likely to shrink.

On the other hand, it is said that jeans made of raw denim often shrink after many washing cycles. Here are few beneficial tips from various clothing manufacturers to know to wash your denim safely.

Reduce the Frequency of Washing Your Jeans

Though you need to wash your jeans, you should not be doing it often. Using washing machines for washing jeans is an effective option, but higher level of agitation on your jeans in such a rough environment can spoil your jeans. Therefore, it is always better to lessen the wear and tear caused by washing your jeans.

Jeans can often be re-worn by skipping a laundry cycle if they are not visibly dirty. If you are someone who has many pairs of jeans to wear, rotating the jeans to wear regularly is one way to do this, as it helps to make the jeans stay clean for longer.

Buying high-quality jeans can also be helpful as premium jeans often tend to retain their shapes after multiple wears; they also resist bagging in a better way thereby reducing the need for washing it.

Always Spot-Clean Isolated Stains on Denim

Even when your jeans are fairly clean, there are chances to spot isolated stains on it. If you spot stains, the best option is to spot-treat your denim rather than taking the entire jeans for washing – this would help in keeping your jeans look new for longer.

You can apply a laundry stain-removing product directly on the soiled areas on your denim to spot-clean it. You can then wait for a few minutes and use a damp cloth to for saturating the area and scrubbing away the stain.

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