Review Of Maker’s Mark Cask Strength

“Maker’s mark bourbon in all its glory”. The legendary global whiskey brand’s quest to create the perfect drink to be shared with friends seemed to have stood the test of time. Unlike most of the other brands out there, Maker’s mark only has 2 products, with some variations here and there: The original Cask strength Makers mark and the Maker’s 46.

The Aroma

This brandy is in its own league and they meant it when they said “smooth.” The aroma is amazingly mellow which is in stark contrast to the strength of the 55% alcohol hidden underneath. The aroma can be described with two words being “complex and smooth”. Those with a keen sense of smell will be able to pick up on the honey, caramel and vanilla undertones. A deeper whiff will bring forward the wood oak and even light traces of cinnamon.

Blanketing the complex assortment of aromas is the floral & earthy notes. All in all, the Cask strength Makers mark is a lovely thing to smell.

Action On The Palate: The Taste And The After Taste

It should be no surprise, as it tastes just like how it smells: Lovely! The first sip you take, will take you on a merry go round of intense flavours. For some it may be overwhelming, while for others not so much. The first distinctive flavour you will taste is the brown sugar. The longer you hold it in your mouth and let it aerate, the more of the flavours come to the fore front. The cinnamon and the old wood oak begin to shine and perform as the alcohol coats the insides of your mouth letting you feel a fiery singe over time.

The next sip you take will present before you more intense flavour that come marching one after the other. Cask strength Makers mark will develop a citrusy herbal flavour with a distinctive cornmeal flavour. The savouriness of the corn shines through and the sourness from the fermentation right behind, on its heels.

The after taste that the Cask strength Makers mark leaves you with is that of grassy and earthy-like. The swallow of the bourbon immediately yields a gentle dryness and harshness, which will remind you of sugarless green tea. The after taste is not as memorable as a when the bourbon first hits your taste buds. You will feel the moisture leave your tongue and you will be wishing for a glass of water!

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