Reasons to Consider Custom Making an Engagement Ring

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What made you develop a deep romantic relationship with someone? Was it because she is different from anyone else you have ever met? Does she make you feel different compared to how others make you feel? If the answers to the above are a yes, then the love you both share is unique.

When you choose to take your relationship to the level up, should not the proposal you plan and the ring you choose be as one-of-a-kind as your love?

The custom design process of jewelers like Beverly Diamonds goes beyond just picking a setting, a gemstone and a metal band and putting these together. If customers can dream it, then masterful designers can make it – even if it is just an idea they scribbled on a napkin.

Your Ring Will be Truly Unique

With virtually endless options to incorporate in your ring, someone else will likely not have the same piece as yours. If you want something different from the sea of standard rings out there, custom is the way to go.

This is one reason you should consider having an engagement ring designed by pros, rather than buying a preset piece. Here are some of the other reasons you should go down the custom route.

The Process is Less Complicated than You Might Feel

Share what you have in mind regarding the final piece look with designers, and they will do the rest. Jewelers go through four steps to make sure it matches what you have envisioned, and these are as follows.

  • Prepare a 3D rendering of your ring design to provide you with a picture of how your custom ring will look like.
  • Make one full-size wax replica from the 3D rendering and cast that model in the metal band of your preference.
  • Set the gemstones in the precious metal band.
  • Polish and finish the custom ring.

You Can Add Sentimental and Special Touches

Maybe you want to use a gemstone from another piece in your grandparent’s jewelry collection, or have a love note engraved on the inside of your band. If you do something special together, like exploring the outdoors, then you could add a green gemstone evoking memories of that particular place.

Small touches like the above can be incorporated in spots not easily noticeable, like in your ring setting.

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