Does Wearing Masks Helps In Preventing COVID-19

Spreading of infection and virus is not new to the world. In past we have experienced so many diseases outbreaks from bubonic plague to swine flu. These diseases had no treatment procedure or medicine. The vaccines to prevent this condition were also not available during those outbreaks. Wearing masks are one of the best methods followed by the people during those times.

There are so many types of masks available in the market and they are made for different purposes. If an infection is spreading in our surrounding, and if there is no cure or vaccine to treat the same, it is better to cover your nose and mouth with a face mask to restrict the infection from entering our body. It is affordable and freely available in the market. You can also buy face mask online easily if you are in need of some in the current scenario.

Expert Opinion On Wearing Mask

As per the reports of CDC, it is noted that people who are healthy is not required to wear face mask to prevent respiratory illness including COVID 19. However it is mandatory for people who are sick or who are showing symptoms of COVID-19 to wear a mask while interacting with others. CDC has also recommended medical professionals to wear a mask while attending patients suffering from this condition. As per their guidelines, it is ideal to provide patients suffering from respiratory illness to give face masks until they are isolated.

Study Reports On Wearing Mask

In the past, scientists were not having much knowledge about the effect of wearing masks. But later they have found that it can reduce about two-third of the virus or infection ejected from the patient suffering from any disease. It will also reduce the chance of getting infected by the airborne disease from entering the body of a healthy person. However, they have also quoted that wearing mask must be clubbed with proper hygiene to get effective protection from infections.

Prevention is always better than cure. Therefore, if a person is living in a place infected by an epidemic disease like COVID 19, it would be better to wear a mask than to take chance on getting infected. However, wearing any mask may not give the required result. The person must wear a surgical mask or a N95 mask for preventing the spread of these diseases.

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