Is it Necessary to Get a Vaccination after Dog Bite?

Dog Bite Claim

Dog bite can be fatal if not given enough care. You might get rabies virus infection from a dog bite which is a very serious condition that can lead to death. But it can be prevented if you take proper vaccination and medication. It is advised to get vaccinated if you are bitten by a dog. In addition, you should be particularly careful if the dog that attacked you shows any signs of rabies infection such as foaming mouth or if the animal is acting erratically.

It is better to be safe than sorry. Therefore, make sure to take rabies vaccination at the earliest if you are bitten by a dog. You can file a dog bite claim against the owner of the dog to get compensation for the injuries. To know more about making the dog bite claim, you can seek help of a dog bit lawyer. Personal injury lawyers, slip and fall lawyers, drunk driver lawyers etc will be able to help you out in such cases. If you would like to know more about car accident drunk driver lawyer, dog bite lawyers or any other type of lawyers, you may visit our site.

What is Rabies?

Rabies is a very serious condition which is potentially fatal. The cause of this disease is rabies virus and it is usually found in animals. It can be transmitted to humans when they are bitten by an animal with rabies infection.

There might not be any symptoms for weeks even if you are infected. It might take weeks or even months for the infection to show any symptoms in our body. At the initial stage you might encounter symptoms like pain, headaches, fever, fatigue and irritability. Other symptoms like hallucinations, seizures and paralysis are followed after the initial symptoms. If a human being is infected by rabies it will be almost always fatal.

Rabies Vaccination

Preventive Vaccination: People who have high riskof getting rabies infection can take a rabies vaccination as a preventive measure. It includes people who come in contact with the rabies virus, like veterinary doctors or people who works in pet care shops, laboratory workers who handle rabies virus infections, spelunkers and production workers who are working in rabies biologics.

The vaccination is taken as three steps. At the initial stage Dose 1 is given at the appropriate time. Dose 2 is given after 7 days of taking Dose 1 and Dose 3 is given after 21 or 28 days after the Dose 1 injection.

Vaccination after an Exposure: People who are bitten by a dog or other animal or those who might have come in contact with rabies virus should get rabies vaccination. Or else the infection can become fatal.

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