What are the Laws about Dog Bites in California?

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Though dogs are lovely creatures we raise at home, they are always animals with animal instincts. Dogs can bite you or someone else if they are aggressive or when they become scared. There are very particular and strict laws regarding dog bites in California.

Liability in Case of a Dog Bite

Most often, the owner of the dog is held liable for the dog bite. The Californian law is a strict liability law which means that there are very few exceptions to this law. The law is valid if it happens in the private property of the owner and if the injured person was not a trespasser.

Even in case of the dog walkers, the law is very clear. If the dog injured someone while being walked by a person other than the owner, the owner will be held liable. But the dog walker will be held liable if he had provoked the dog in some way which made the dog to bite.


The dog owner will not be held responsible if the victim was attacked and injured by the dog while he trespassed into the property. Unless the victim is able to prove that the owner was negligent, he cannot sue him for the same. Also if the dog was on an official duty for the police or the army, they cannot be held liable.

Classification of the Dogs

If a dog has bitten a man or another animal twice in three years, the Californian law classifies the dog as potentially dangerous. Same is the case with a dog which has bitten and injured a human at least once. The law asks the dog owners to keep such dogs fenced or indoors always. The dog can be free again if it doesn’t attack anyone again in the next three years.

A dog which has severely injured and killed a human is classified as vicious. Such dogs will be transferred to the animal control and euthanized after a court hearing. This will be done to ensure the safety of the family owning the dog and of other people.

Dog Bite Attorneys

There are dog bite attorneys available to help those who suffered damages from a dog bite. It is better for you to seek the vigorous representation of a dog bite attorney if you or your loved one is bitten and injured by a dog. Such an attorney can also keep you updated about all the state laws regarding the dog bite case.

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