Misconceptions about Dog Bite Lawsuits

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Dog Bite Lawsuits

Dog bites are a common issue faced by Californians. Many people are injured by dog bites and attacks. Majority of people does not report dog bites due to some existing misconceptions about dog bite lawsuits. In this article, we are discussing these misconceptions to have a good awareness of dog bite lawsuits.

Misconception 1: Getting Compensation Will Not Be Easy

This is absolutely wrong. California is one of the few states which has strict liability rule in dog bite cases. According to strict liability, dog owners are liable for the injuries and damages caused by their dogs. So if you are able to prove the dog owner’s liability, you will be easily compensated.

You get compensations without proving that the dog owner is aware of his dog and had failed to prevent the attack. Under California dog bite law, what matters is the ownership of bitten dog and injuries caused by the dog.

Misconception 2: I Cannot Sue for a Dog Attack if No Blood Came Out

This is somewhat confusing. But under California dog bite law, if a dog attacked you with its teeth, but does not tear the skin and no blood came out, it still considered as a dog bite.

Misconception 3: Dog Bites Even at the Owner’s Property are Compensated

This is wrong when you are a trespasser who illegally enters into the owner’s property. According to California’s strict liability, a dog owner is liable only when his dog bites people in public places or invited guests or lawful guests in the owner’s property. Here biting unlawful persons are considered as a part of keeping the security.

Misconception 4: I Can Sue a Police Officer for Dog Bites Caused by Police Dogs.

No. You cannot sue a police officer for dog bites by police or military dogs as a part of their official duty. Police dogs are doing their law enforcement works. Thus there may be situations where criminals are bitten by the dog. So you are not able to sue a police officer and obtain compensation for the damages and injuries caused by police dogs.

Misconception 5: Dog Owner is Liable for the Injuries Caused by the Dog, Even if There Was No Bite.

Majority of people used to believe this misconception about the dog bite lawsuit. This is a wrong notion. Injuries caused by the dog which did not result from bites cannot be compensated. In these cases, dog owners are liable only when the victim prove that the owner was negligent in preventing the dog attack.

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