How Much Money Can You Get In Your Dog Bite Injury Claim?

Dog Bite Attorney
Dog Bite Injury Claim

If you had suffered injuries from a dog bite and have filed a lawsuit against the dog owner, you have chances of receiving compensation. The probability to receive compensation depends on how you are able to prove the liability of the defendant. You along with the dog bite attorney you have hired can find evidence and thereby prove yourself worthy of receiving the compensation.

But it must be understood that there is no specific amount which is set as the compensation for every dog bite cases. The amount of compensation the victim receives in a dog bite case depends on the case and the circumstances involved. Your attorney can help you to understand the rightful amount you can receive as the compensation.

Dog bites in some cases can be very tragic and can leave the victim emotionally and physically affected for a lifetime. There are so many factors on which the amount of compensation in a dog bite case depends upon. Each of the cases is unique in itself and hence the compensation also varies. Here are some of the important factors on which the compensation amount depends on.

Medical Expenses

This is the major factor on which the compensation amount depends on. All the past, present, and future medical expenses will be calculated and considered while determining your compensation amount. You might have to spend a lot of your money in the future for the treatment, even after the settlement. This amount will also be covered in your compensation amount.

The Severity Of The Injury

If you have suffered some permanent injury or disablement due to the dog attack, you will have a high compensation amount given to you than in the case of a normal dog bite. Your attorney can discuss with your doctor on the severity of the injury and can make sure that you receive the right amount as compensation for the permanent disfiguring you suffered.

Loss Of Wages

During the time of your recovery from the dog attack injury, you may miss your work and be at the loss of wages. Sometimes you may not be able to go back to the same job again and earn your living. This will be considered and the liable party will have to include this loss in the compensation.

There are other factors like the insurance policy of the dog owner, which can affect the compensation amount you receive. But an experienced dog bite attorney can help you in finding the right amount you can receive as compensation.

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