Factors to Consider While Traveling with your Furry Friends

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You can hardly find a person who does not love adopting a dog. In fact, parenting a domestic canine is likely to give ultimate joy to almost every dog lover out there. Still, even the most loyal and obedient pet dog is likely to be aggressive and attack people in certain situations. Note that the number of dog bite cases in the United States is increasing drastically. This is one of the serious factors that you must consider when owning a dog. Otherwise, you will be sued for the damages caused by your pet dog.

A dog owner must also consider many other factors, especially the safety of their furry friends. If you made any mistakes in caring for your domestic canine, there are many lawsuits to sue you. Note that, the dog owners will have to face several legal issues such as fine, imprisonment for breaking any of those laws. Sometimes, the authorities will take your dog away from you as well. So, it is better to consult a credible dog bite attorney and learn about every current California dog bite law in action before buying a dog.

One of the most prominent rules that a dog owner will have to follow is when it comes to driving with your four-legged friends. The chances for distractions are high in this case because of the unrestrained pet in your vehicle. Without any doubts, this can put the life of the passengers in the car, pedestrians, and your dog in risk. Some of the common ways that a pet can easily distract the driver are given below.

  • When your dog climbs on you while driving
  • When the pet goes under the driver’s feet or near the pedals
  • When the drivers shift their focus from the road to hold their dogs
  • When drivers have to pet their dogs to keep them calm
  • When drivers try to feed their pets while driving
  • When the pet tries to play with the drivers
  • When the pet makes sounds and distracts the driver

Obviously, everyone would love to keep their pets comfortable and calm while traveling. However, it must not be at the stake of your pet’s as well as other’s life. In order to tackle this, there are some safety tips that you may consider while driving with your furry friends.

  • Use pet restraining systems such as a comfy pet carrier or pet seat belts
  • Never let your dog sit on your lap while driving
  • Never let your pets to travel putting their heads out of the window
  • Adjust the feeding time of your dog according to your travel time
  • Never leash your pet inside your car
  • Take breaks so that your pet will keep calm while traveling

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