Can You Sue The Landowner For The Tenant’s Dog Bite?

Dog Bite Lawyer
Dog Bite Lawyer
Dog Bite Lawyer

If you are bitten by a tenant’s dog, then can you sue the landowner? This is a common concern among the landlords and dog bite victims. You should be aware of it when planning to file a claim for getting compensation in a dog bite case. In most circumstances, the landowners will be free of charges for the problems caused by their tenants’ dogs. The tenant will carry sole responsibility for the damages caused by his dog. We list some of such situations where you can sue a landowner for the damages caused by their tenants’ dogs.

When planning to file a lawsuit against the landlord, be aware that each state has separate rules and regulations that deal with dog attack cases. Hence, it is better to consult a dog bite lawyer for knowing whether you can sue the landlord based on the laws existing in your state. A dog bite attorney will have good knowledge about the laws in your state that deals with similar cases. Hence, you will be able to sue the right party if you were attacked by a dog by seeking the help of a dog bite lawyer.

Suing The Landlord When It Is The Tenant’s Dog Which Attacked

There are some circumstances where you will be allowed to file a lawsuit against the landowner for the problems caused by his tenant’s dog. They are listed below:

Knew The Tenant’s Dog Was Dangerous

If the landlord knew that the dog was dangerous but didn’t take any actions to prevent further attacks, then he can be responsible for the dog bite. For example, if the tenant’s dog had attacked someone before and the landlord was aware of this incident, but he allowed the dog to remain on the premises without any restrictions, then he can be liable for the dog attack. Here, the landlord exhibited negligence in preventing future attacks.

Removal Of The Animal

Sometimes, the landlords will have permission to remove the tenant’s dog from his premises if it is found to be a threat to others. If the landowner had such permission, but he still failed to remove a dangerous dog from the premises, then he will be responsible for the accident caused by the dog.

Harbored The Dog

If the landowner cared for the animal, like it was his own (for instance, feed the dog, and take it for a walk, etc.), then he will be liable for the problems caused by the dog along with the dog’s real owner.

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