The Significance of Hiring a Dog Bite Attorney

Dog Bite Attorney
Dog Bite Attorney

The number of people adopting pets, especially dogs in the United States of America is increasing with every passing year and so is the number of dog bite incidents. Unlike most other accidents, the damages that a dog bite victim is likely to suffer are traumatic and devastating. On top of that, most dog bite victims are children and elderly people. Hence, the victims are likely to sue the dog owner with the help of a credible dog bite attorney.

If the liability is proved, the dog owner will be entitled to provide financial coverage for all the expenses associated with the injury and dog bite. This can include medication bills, treatment expenses, loss of income, property damage, suffering and pain, emotional distress, etc. Additionally, the dog will be quarantined for a period of time in most cases. If you are interested to know about different aspects of dog bite cases and the necessity of hiring a dog bite lawyer, you may refer to the points given below.

Things to Do if you Get Injured by a Dog

If you are bitten or attacked by a dog that resulted in injuries, you can pursue an insurance claim with the insurance company of the dog owner. Note that most homeowners insurance policy tends to cover dog bite accidents that occur in the insured property. Of course, the skills and knowledge of an experienced dog bite attorney will be helpful to negotiate with them and obtain a fair settlement. Additionally, you can file a lawsuit against the dog owner or caretaker to obtain coverage for non-economic losses.

Proving Liability in Dog Bite Accidents

You will have to prove the liability of the dog owner in court to obtain the compensation that you are entitled to. This will mainly depend on the laws prevailing in the state that you are residing in. Certain states boast ‘one bite law’ in which the owner is held liable for the dog bite if he/she knew their dog is dangerous or can become aggressive. For instance, if the dog has a history of aggression or attack cases in the past. The law is applicable if the victim is attacked at a public place or a place where they have legal rights.

In some other states, people other than the dog owner are also held liable for the dog bite injuries. On a related note, if the dog of a minor attacked a person, the parents of the minor will be held liable for the incident. Similarly, the landlords, caretakers, property owners, etc., as well can be held responsible for dog bite accidents other than the dog owner. Hence, it is important to hire the services of a dog bite lawyer to represent you case and prove the liability in court.

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