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A majority of the dog bite cases use the same amount of time. After filing the lawsuit, the court’s calendar will determine the duration of the case. Your case might be ready to present itself within 6 months, but if there are several cases lined up one after the other, it could take a longer amount of time. Below is a discussion on the common duration of a dog bite case.

When a Person’s Dog Attacks People More than Once

They are known as repeat offenders. They are generally careless about the safety of other people. They continue to be careless about training maintenance, and supervision of their dogs and those that continue to show the behavior of biting others. In such cases, it is possible to claim the punitive damages and the exemplary damages that could be used to give justice and hand punishment to the guilty party for the conscious disregard shown to others. This also sends a clear message to the community.

The Highly Challenging Aspects of Dog Bite Cases

Out of the most challenging problems in such cases, involve determining the breed of the dog. This is because of the presence of multiple breeds of dogs. Sometimes, it becomes necessary to get the help of an expert to understand the pedigree and to find whether it is a naturally dangerous dog. Further, the lawyer would require to prove that the owner should have known about the dangerous nature of the dog. This poses a bigger obstacle for the smooth progress of the case. Further, there is also the bigger dilemma of helping the victim get over the psychiatric trauma of being subject to attack by a scary dog.

Contingency on a Dog Bite Case

Dog bite cases are coupled with contingency arrangement. Under this concept, the dog bite attorney will only charge a fee when they succeed in getting the compensation and are paid by the insurance company. This is a huge bonus to the client as they will not have to worry about paying the lawyer upfront. Hence, even though many people think that nothing could be done after they are bitten by a dog, the homeowner’s insurance covers the expenses of such cases of negligence.

Remember that it is always recommended to consult the guidance of a dog bite lawyer in the event of a dog bite as they would be able to help with the nuances of the case.

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