Dog Bite Incidences May Increase in the Holiday Period

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Dog bites occur quite frequently and can cause severe injuries. Considering that it is a visitor’s approach near to the dog that causes it to revert to its natural instincts, domestic dog bites may occur more often around the holiday times. After all, people visit their friends or relative’s house during the holidays more often, as compared to other times of the year. So dog owners should be vigilant in ensuring their dog is kept from harming others.

Owners Should Control Their Dog

Dog owners have to keep the animal under control always. Dog bite injuries most often happen when the animal is not kept on a leash or not being supervised in the proper manner. A dog has to be on a leash whenever it is in a public area. The lone exception to the rule might just be when a dog and its owner visits specified dog parks in the US. These parks let dogs run off the leash in a very controlled environment. Dog owners are also subject to the specific dog park’s rules.

Steps to Prevent Dog Bite Injury

Dog owners have to take measures to prevent the likelihood of their canine biting anyone. Remember that dogs are animals, after all, and even the most gentle and the best-trained breeds could just bite someone.

  • Keep the dog of yours away from holiday visitors.
  • Remove dog food when guests are present.
  • Do not let people feed your dog.
  • When walking it, make it a point to keep your dog on a leash.
  • Avoid allowing your dog to be present around others, when unsupervised.
  • Train it to obey commands.

When you host a holiday-themed party in your house, it can be tough to keep an eye on your dog at all times. For this reason, it is a must that you make an arrangement to keep it in a different room, in its cage, or at one of the dog care facilities.

Taking Responsibility for Injuries Due to Dog Bite

As per the California state law, dog owners are legally responsible for any harm suffered by a person who got bitten by their canine in a private or public place. This is true irrespective of its owner being aware of the animal’s previous vicious behavior. The state law applies to those who are lawfully on the owner’s premises. A victim may make a dog bite claim against the owner in question seeking compensation for damages.

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