Reuven Gradon Acquires Sycamore Canyon Apartments


Reuven Gradon, president of a vertically integrated real estate investment and management company Afton Properties, is an expert in transforming the mismanaged and ignored properties into something much more valuable and desirable among the families. Reuven Gradon Real Estate Acquisitions more specifically includes the multifamily properties and apartments at Los Angeles. They specialize in developing and maintaining stable assets and properties with greater cash flowing ability.

With the help of a great management team and trusted lawyers, Reuven Gradon was able to successfully acquire and transform the Sycamore Canyon Apartments in Los Angeles. In just a few months after the acquisition of this place, we were able to update the units and rent them off to tenants. Throughout this entire process, our legal team helped us with the complexities of the process of acquiring and transferring the properties to the buyers or tenants. Our transparent contractual SOPs help us build a trustworthy relationship with the customers. Our team kept an eye on how we can make use of the picturesque hillside views of Anaheim Hills to make the apartments more desirable for the residents of the area and new-comers from surroundings.

The focus of Afton Properties is to find where we can make a clear difference with few interior and exterior renovations and adding small amenities that are more attractive than its expenses. Making things look state of the art is the art of rejuvenating the dated properties without actually building it from scratch. Uniquely designed and properly placed interior components can make your apartment look spacious and brand new. Cleaning and freshly painting the apartment before putting it on rent can add more stones to its crown. The dated parts of the apartment should be replaced with new ones and the property should be staged with valuable objects like vases, photo frames, beautiful racks, and many other corner ornamental placements to present the best out of your property.

Value-added Reuven Gradon Real Estate Investmentsare now paying us back in manifolds. The efficient and hardworking team of Afton Properties working under the worthy supervision of Reuven Gradon plans the best strategies to acquire and transform an unattended property with a low performance into a home-looking apartment soon after a few radical changes. What a tenant wants is a place where they can feel at home and do not have to put a lot of effort into making it appropriate for living. If a tenant finds a place that is already well-maintained and includes all the amenities to make it livable, they will definitely get ready for paying more for the added value of the property.

Convincing people to live at a place like Sycamore Canyon Apartments, away from the busy urban life and standing at a peaceful hillside, is possible only if the property is worth it. The attractiveness of the surrounding does matter but it cannot undermine the value of the interior of the apartment. Reuven Gradon Acquisitions are working on developing your next home today!

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