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Information and knowledge are precious when it comes to any type of lawsuit or claim, and dog bite is no exception to this. Through this website, we try to disseminate as many details as we can about dog bite law.

A dog bite case can be straightforward, especially when it is the fault of the dog owner, but this is not always the case. Sometimes, trespassers are involved in a dog bite incident, which makes proving the claim or lawsuit that much trickier.

As an injured client, you will want to arm yourself with knowledge about the matter to prove it for maximum possible compensation. We make and post the information here so that it can be of use to you during litigation. Lawyers who practice in dog bite law are our biggest source when it comes to content.

We know that law can be a slightly dry subject to learn, which is why we try to keep our articles as understandable to the layperson as possible. In addition to the rather information-rich, law-specific posts, here, you can also find more general information such as dangerous dog breeds in California. If you think you need clarification or want to give feedback on something, feel free to get in touch with us.